Acne & Scar Removal

Scars: Acne, trauma or postoperative can be disfiguring and embarrassing for those who suffer from them. It might be like wearing a badge on your skin telling the world about your battles but sometimes it might be embarrassing and unfortunately, there is no make up in the world that can correct deep, pitted scars to the point of making them disappear. The only way to fully get rid of scars is to undergo an in-clinic procedure.

The scientific point of view:

The body’s healing process does not work efficiently and instead of forming healthy collagen fibres and tissues, the body develops significant fibrous or scar tissue. One of the main risk factors is lack of blood flow to the area to provide the healing powers of platelets and growth factors. The development of scar tissue prohibits proper blood flow as new capillaries and other small blood vessels cannot penetrate through scar tissue, to provide blood flow to the injured area. For this reason the affected joint, tendon, ligament or soft tissue area fails to heal completely.

The concentrated platelets release a surge of bioactive proteins and growth factors that begin to recruit other healing cells to migrate into the area to promote a powerful effective healing cascade. The regeneration of new tissue is accomplished by stem cells and fostered by growth factors and hormones. The human body has a remarkable ability to heal itself, and by re-injecting concentrated platelets, we maximise stem cell release to optimise healing.



What can we do about it?

Consultation with a Top Class Dermatologist might be necessary, dependable on the scale of the problem in order to prescribe appropriate medications.

Working together with Top Class Dermatologist, Kornelia will determine other causes of acne outbreaks and make a plan with you regarding gentle life style changes, diet and habits.

We are aware that even gentle lifestyle changes are not easy in every day life, although patients , who comply with recommendation will see the benefits very soon. Kornelia provides support over the phone. Available 24/7.

A recommendation of psychological support is possible, if needed.

On top of that, we have a series of treatments in comfortable price packages that help reduce acne and other scarring. There are usually few treatments combined together in order to reduce the scarring to minimum with results visible in the short time of 3 months.

Individual needs and treatments to be assessed during the consultation.

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