Dermal Fillers

​Perpetual Aesthetics, as the name suggests, aims for long lasting results from medical aesthetics treatments. It can be achieved through introducing filler after filler or through introducing innovative methods of stimulating the collagen growth by distinctively formulating fillers.

Natural reshaping and HYDROLIFT action

Aliaxin is a ultrapure hyaluronic acid, produced by IBSA. It is the first filler that combines natural reshaping and essential volume with HYDROLIFT action.

What does it mean?

The technology behind Aliaxin promotes different biological and mechanical actions in the skin. It promotes signalling activity through its interaction with specific receptors such as CD44, resulting in the increase of endogenous collagen production and scaffold effect.

Aliaxin has the ability of high tissue integration and stability resulting in natural, but at the same time, long lasting results.

The Aliaxin filler line takes full advantage of HA characteristics, supporting not only the LIFT action (filling), but also the HYDRO action through rehydration and tissue stimulation.

ALIAXIN* SR – SHAPE & RESTORE for natural facial reshaping

Aliaxin* SR is a unique filler for its innovative technology, which it shares with all Aliaxin fillers, and its formulation.

Its high elasticity and spreadability creates a uniform diffusion in the dermal tissue, resulting in natural and homogeneous filler treatment aimed at areas of the face and neck, but also in particularly sensitive areas such as the temples and periorbital area.

Moreover, it activates a simultaneous biorestructuring action.

It has, in fact, been proven that Aliaxin SR is capable of increasing the collagen IV and VII expression, the main types of collagen present in the basal membrane of the epidermis, already at 72 hours after administration.



Aliaxin* FL is specific for overall lip rejuvenation. The structure of the gel guarantees optimum spreading within the labial mucosa without stressing the microarchitecture.

It is particularly suitable for redefining contour and treatment of perioral fine wrinkles and fine lines.


The duration of Aliaxin* GP makes it unique, guaranteeing a long lasting action and a good lifting effect of deep folds.

The gel has an optimum viscosity and plasticity for intradermal treatments of the most common facial imperfections.


Aliaxin* EV is a volumising filler, which due to its rheological properties, is ideal for deep injection into facial tissues. Aliaxin* EV is particularly suitable for restoring volume and facial proportion without altering the morphological characteristics of the patient’s face.

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