Fat dissolving injections

Injectable treatments for localised fat dissolving using CELLUFORM formulas!

Discover the minimally invasive, safe method of removing fat from any area of the body and face! Celluform are 3 different modern formulas created for professional lipolysis treatments. Our fat dissolving therapy allows us to achieve effects similar to liposuction – shaping the body, tightening the skin, and permanently reducing fat cells. It eliminates cellulite and supports the slimming process – especially if, despite sticking to a slimming diet and working out, you cannot achieve satisfying results.

The fat dissolving procedure involves injecting one of Celluform formulas. This process causes the fat cells to dissolve – the released cells are broken down in the metabolic process and excreted from the body. This is one of our best treatments to fight localised fat, cellulite, and slow and impaired microcirculation, as well as to reduce circumference, tighten the skin, and improve the overall skin tone. Our expert selects the product and decides on the number of required treatments based on the client’s individual needs.

 Say hello to your firmer and slimmer body!


  • localised body fat (resistant to diet and exercise)
  • double chin
  • loss of skin firmness in the chin area
  • water retention
  • slow and impaired microcirculation
  • cellulite
  • tissue oxygenation
  • atonic and devitalised skin


  • allergy to any of the ingredients


  • fighting localised fat
  • cellulite reduction
  • circumference reduction
  • double chin reduction
  • tightens the skin
  • skin tone improvement
  • skin firming
  • younger looking skin
  • activation of cellular metabolism
  • skin nourishment and stimulating its regeneration

Our treatments


Extremely effective lipolytic treatments that fight localised fat and tighten the skin.

Treated areas:

  • abdomen area
  • thighs
  • buttocks
  • hips
  • arms

Active ingredients:

  • Soya lecithin
  • Deoxycholic acid
  • Vitamin PP
  • Carnitine
  • Arnica chamissonis extract

How long does it take to see results?

Results are usually visible after the second session with body treatment. This is different for each individual and varies depending on body type, treated area and lifestyle.

Celluform Plus

Loss of fatty tissue and stimulation of collagen production around the chin.

Treated areas:

  • face (double chin)

Active ingredients:

  • Deoxycholic acid
  • Arnica

How long does it take to see results?

Results are usually visible after the first or second session. 


INP Kornelia Hauck

INP Kornelia Hauck

Kornelia Hauck is an Independent and Supplementary Nurse Prescriber and Holistic Practitioner, specialising in Aesthetics. Kornelia has been practising nursing for over 25 years since graduating from Tychy Medical High School in 1989. Curious by nature, she wanted to explore different cultures and soon found herself working for Red Cross Germany - DRK e.V.

In Berlin, she developed immense empathy skills and willingness to help others. At her work for Golders Green Nursing as a private nurse, she also learned holistic ways of treating patients and earned ITEC level three certification from City and Islington college with the Federation of Holistic Therapists membership. Her interest in education and natural ways of healing didn't stop there. In 2012, she was certified Platelet Rich Plasma Technician at Medics Direct before eventually becoming owner and director of former Korniahealth, now widely known as Perpetual Aesthetics. Furthermore, she continued her professional development in Aesthetics with Wigmore Medical to eventually become advanced Aesthetics Practitioner. At the University of Bedfordshire, she achieved her masters in nursing with the title: Independent and Supplementary Nurse Prescriber.

You can reach her at info@perpetualaesthetics.co.uk or on Instagram @kornelia_hauck

INP Kornelia Hauck is a founder of Perpetual Aesthetics Ltd. located at London's prestigious Harley Street where she currently performs her signature aesthetics treatments.

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