Thread Lift

Thread lift therapy is a minimally invasive technological advancement in aesthetic medicine, offering patients an
innovative solution for sagging skin and wrinkles with rejuvenating and lifting effects that are supported by scientific research.

Facial Ageing

The face is the most defining aspect of a person. Facial ageing reflects the cumulative effects of time on the skin, underlying tissue and bone. Changes are caused by both intrinsic/chronological ageing and extrinsic factors such as UV exposure and lifestyle choices.



  • Loss of collagen and elastin
  • Decreased cross linking between fibroblasts and collagen fibrils
  • Lipoatrophy
  • Subcutaneous fat redistribution
  • Ligament weakening
  • Craniofacial bony resorption and remodelling


  • Loss of skin thickness and elasticity, sagging and relative excess of skin
  • Wrinkling
  • Hollowing of periorbital, malar and temporal regions
  • Skin laxity
  • Reduced support for soft tissues, deepening of nasojugal, nasolabial and nasomental creases
  • Reduced skeletal projection and support

What is Elionce?

Elionce is a premium thread lift therapy that creates a natural, fresher and younger looking face. Elionce polydioxanone (PDO) threads are biodegradable and have been in medical use for more than 30 years, in
particular in delicate surgical procedures such as cataract operations.

A revolutionary product, Elioncecan help eliminate as well as prevent the signs of ageing by rejuvenating the structure of facial tissue.

The procedure, which is still relatively new to the cosmetics industry, is extremely versatile and can be used in many areas of the face and neck. It is specifically designed to eliminate fine lines, make deep wrinkles appear smoother, and improve skin colour and elasticity.

Thread therapy originates from oriental acupuncture techniques intended to control and improve tissue stimulation and muscle contraction via cellular mechanotransduction. Elionce PDO threads are intended for lifting and rejuvenating the skin to promote a natural look.

The threads work at three levels:

  1. Thread anchor points hold the tissue and provide lifting when tensioned
  2. Mechanical stimulation of the cells in the skin (mechanotransduction) via insertion of threads into the dermis or
    subcutaneous tissue
  3. Via the biomedical properties of the PDO which, as the threads dissolve, promote the generation of collagen to
    maintain the lifting effect and improve skin tone.

Elionce threads are certified as Class III products under the European Medical Device Directive with the CE Mark guaranteeing product quality and safety.

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