Winter is coming! Beware of the harsh weather outside and dry heated air at home affecting your skin!

“Redness occurs because our bodies are trying to heat themselves, bringing blood close to the surface of the skin and dilating capillaries,” explains New York City dermatologist Gervaise Gerstner, MD. And while youthful skin can bounce back from an aggravated flare up a few minutes after stepping in from the cold, she continues, capillaries don’t close as quickly with age. For dry and itching skin, says Dr Gilchrest, you can blame cold air and low humidity. It is stripping the water away from the surface of your skin. Instead of lying flat and smooth and then shedding from the surface inconspicuously, dead skin cells from the many layers that make up our protective skin barrier form small but visible partially attached clumps that make your skin feel dry and rough.

It can be quite scary to think of the details but it can be also a beautiful and magical time. So, how can we make this happen? Prevention is the key. Follow this simple 10 tips and have a wonderful time! The same way as you change your wardrobe for winter we will change the routines, therefore:

  1. Shower before bedtime or in the morning but make it prompt, maximum 10 minutes. Keep the water temperature warm but not too hot. Very hot temperatures strip the skin oils and your skin becomes dry and flaky, dilute the blood vessels and increase the inflammation process.
  2. Moisturise your face and body skin straight after the shower while your skin is still damp. The pores are still open and will absorb the moisturiser much better. Coconut oil is perfect for dry to healthy skin but avoid it if you have acne prone skin. Natural Green Tea serum, glycerin-based moisturisers are more advisable for acne-prone skin on the face at night. Over the day for body choose something light that will bring your spirits up.
  3. Make sure you fall asleep before midnight. Your body systems are recovering at particular times and so your energy levels. It is well known that during early sleep (90-120 minutes after falling asleep) there is a massive release of human growth hormone (HGH). This is one of the most critical factors in growth and rejuvenation. You also need protein available in your system during this timeframe. Casein protein, a protein isolate of milk is an excellent choice for this critical nutrient intake. It goes into your system very slowly all night and makes protein uptake available for repair and new mass. If you do not get sound early sleep you miss the release of HGH or significantly diminish it! If you have problems falling asleep a cup of hot Chamomile or winter warming tea can be very helpful. Take your daily Vitamin D3 before bedtime. Moisturise your lips before sleep with Vaseline, petroleum-based product.
  4. Wake up positive. Spend your first few minutes in the morning remembering all the right things in your life you are grateful for. Glass of low warm water with lemon juice to flash the systems will prepare you for the day.
  5. You’ll be in the bathroom at this point. One look into the mirror – SMILE! The day belongs to you! Splash your face with only cold water. Apply the moisturiser while your skin is still damp. Use a glycerine based moisturiser or serum. Remember to use SPF. In winter the sun rays are even harsher on the skin than in summer as the sun is lower and penetrates the skin directly. Protect your lips with Vaseline at all times during the day.
  6. Eat well. make sure your breakfast contains proteins, vitamins and minerals. Take daily 1G Vitamin C and Vitamin B Complex. You can find my favourite breakfast option at
  7. Hydrate your body and skin. Studies have shown that drinking only the water is not enough. We need to add other ingredients for it to be better absorbed. You can add half a lemon juice, goji berries, a slice of ginger, honey, or a few slices of cucumber.
  8. Do not touch your skin over the day and keep your hands clean. Clean your phone screen and computer keypad before use. Phone screens and computer keypad can have more bacterias than the toilet seat. Don’t give them a chance to build acne spots or pimples. Protect your face from the polluted rain with a cotton scarf that is gentle on skin and easy to keep clean.
  9. Take your make up off after work. Koreans are well known for their love and dedication to tight and youthful skin. Their routine to keep the skin youthful is a hot towel massage. It improves your blood circulation and cleanses your skin. Hit the towel in the microwave for two minutes and merely rub your face with gentle movements. You can choose to apply a natural moisturiser after the massage or apply a moisturising and cleansing mask on. To do that mix one teaspoon of mashed avocado, a teaspoon of turmeric, one teaspoon of honey, one teaspoon of coconut oil ( if you have oily skin leave it out) and one big spoon of lemon juice. I must tell you it makes my glands salivate at this moment of writing ????. It is also delicious. You can lick it off ???? or wipe it with the cotton wool pad after 20 minutes, maximum after 40 minutes for more damaged skin. After that wash it off with cold or low warm water. Hmmm… enjoy!
  10. By then I hope you’ve prepared your dinner yourself and did not get it on your way home. Again, make sure you’ll have a rainbow off vegetables, some proteins and as little as possible carbohydrates. For happiness, boost at dinner check out my personal Instagram page @kornelia_hauck

You’ve done very well so far ???? Go back to point 1 ☝️

Turn the humidifier on and enjoy your evening ❤️

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