While the thin skin of the face often is the first place to show wrinkles, unfortunately, it is not always the last. The skin of the chest can experience deep wrinkling that makes wearing a button-down shirt or décolleté-bearing dress a cosmetic concern. Like facial wrinkles, chest wrinkling can occur due to the breakdown of collagen and elastic fibres, sun exposure and repeated wrinkling, which can be due to sleeping on your chest or side.


To start with the softest versions we have:


Mesotherapy Read More

PRP with a combination of PROFHILO

PRP with a combination of PROFHILO PRP Read More PROFHILO Read More


Soft Fillers Read More


BTX is available to reduce your chest wrinkling, depending on your age and the expectations you have. Read More


Lastly, to build up collagen by one treatment and for longer, but awaiting the results for up 6 months there is a THREAD LIFT. Read More



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Sleep on your back
Cuddle a small pillow or teddy bear between your breasts while sleeping
Relax more often
Get a message
Make sure you have the appropriate skin routine in the morning and evening.
Every day counts!
Meditate for 10 min
Avoid direct sun exposure.
Keep your hands clean
Do not smoke
Avoid alcohol
Eat well, eat organic!
Take your skin supplements like it is your religion.
Exercise, do what you like but keep moving!
Find the time to relax
Moisturise your skin well before sleep
Get your 8 hours sleep
Meditate before sleep