Inverted Corner of the Mouth

It is all okay when we smile. It is even better when we laugh. What about those moments when we are sad and then this one accidental look into the mirror makes you jump because that is not the face you want to have! The Depressor Anguli Oris muscle pules that strong our face down that with time it starts to form a wrinkle giving a very sad look the whole face.


In case the sad wrinkles are formed already, choose happiness! Lets get rid of those sad lines!


BTX injections for inverted corners of mouth take 5 minutes and can be combined with Fillers after 2 weeks from the Botox procedure.
You can still prevent the formation of the wrinkle after the treatment for longer lasting results.

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Additionally FILLERS will be administrated to lift the corners of the lips.

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train your face – smile massage the corner of the lips upwards as often as you can keep a positive mind control your facial expressions