Nose to Mouth Lines

Also called the nasolabial folds. They are deep-set wrinkles which form along the side of the nose, and continue downwards to the corner of the mouth.


Nasolabial lines are usually caused by loss of fat, in cheeks. If this is the case we would first look into cheeks volume improvement. Further improvement can be achieved by injecting a


designed for nasolabial lines improvement.

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PROFHILO is also an option in the case of 30-40-year-old people with a good lifestyle. The treatment improves the look of the whole lower face including cheeks, jawline and nasolabial folds.

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THREAD LIFT- in some cases the skin can be too loose and Profilo or Fillers might be not enough. In that case, we would combine thread lift with fillers, especially if the neck needs improvement as well. Usually recommended for over 50-year-olds.

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Make sure you have the appropriate skin routine in the morning and evening.
Every day counts!
Meditate for 10 min
Treat your skin to breakfast with a refreshing or anti-ageing mask
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Use makeup only by a big occasion. Try BB cream for every day
instead, it is much lighter and it has an SPF factor.
Avoid direct sun exposure.
Keep your hands clean
Do not smoke
Avoid alcohol
Eat well, eat organic!
Take your skin supplements, like it is your religion.
Exercise, do what you like but keep moving!
Find the time to relax. Get your face massaged!
Moisturise your skin well before sleep
Get your 8 hours sleep
Meditate before sleep
Love yourself
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