Wellness & Beauty Retreat



Be there  Live it  Keep it

Our promise is to make you feel radiant, empowered and relaxed. To awaken your senses of sight, smell and test as well as your physical strength and health.
With a range of beauty treatments included, mediterranean cuisine and the care of Maltese natives we hope to propeller your heart and awake your  beauty. Like the Magic it will never leave you! 



Far away from the city hustle and bustle for an unforgettable adventure, in an original Maltese environment of a rocking island of Gozo.


Have you ever wondered how would it be to drink from the Fountain of Youth? After spending a few days and nights with us you will wonder no more.

Set in the picturesque village of Gharb, on an island of Gozo, Malta, our retreat will let you relax, connect with nature and your inner self and resolve your everyday troubles back home.

Through daily beginners yoga, meditation sessions, beauty treatments and new surprising activities we will leave you spiritually, physically and mentally rejuvenated. 

Living for a week in a historic farmhouse with all the modern amenities, swimming pool and beautiful views with a company of like-minded people will keep you emotionally free.
A tiny group of up to 8 people will let us cater to each and every one of you personally, with great care and interest.

Enjoy the simple pleasures of life and learn healthy habits to take home!
Detoxify your body through hiking between cliffs around Gozo, swim in pristine Maltese waters, enjoy our juices and healthy, homemade food, and much more.



Our team:

Kornelia Hauck – Nurse Prescriber with specialisation in Aesthetics – performing your favourite beauty treatments and the host.

  Yoga Teacher Jane Bulbeck 

Wellness Coach Julia Skibinska

 Michal Hubert – passionate Baker & Chef  will take you on an inner aesthetic adventure and flavourful journey through Mediterranean cuisine, all the while detoxifying and energising your body 

Last but not least, we’ll be ‘holding you by the hand’. and guide you throughout every day.
You’ll build-up healthy habits to bring back home so you may stay perpetually beautiful!

We promise to care of you even after the retreat by direct consultation and guidance on ASK KORNIA FaceBook group and direct contact. 

The best time to book is now! 


14th -21st September 2022 

The total price: £1700

Reservation requires 20% deposit. The rest you pay 10 days before we take off.
Includes transport from and to the airport.

What is included?

Accommodation in authentic farmhouse which has been renovated up to full modern standards retaining many of its original characteristics.

The plan consists of an arched main entrance leading into the living area. From here the kitchen and a bedroom can be accessed. All bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms. From the living room the large glass aperture leads into the BBQ and pool areas. The pool has an integrated sit in Jacuzzi. A stairway leads up to the first floor landing which overlooks the ground floor living area from which 3 double bedrooms with en suit bathroom can be accessed. Another stairway leads up to the fourth bedroom. Two of the bedrooms have terraces which overlook the pool. The farmhouse is equipped with air conditioning units.

Food and healthy snacks. Detox oriented. All meals will be prepared daily from fresh local ingredients to satisfy to satisfy you senses during the breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Detox Juicing Workshop

  1. Morning Meditation
  2. Yoga 
  3. Hiking
  4. Swimming
  5. Kayaking 
  6. Archery
  7. Face and Shoulder Massage
  8. Prestige Beauty Facial
  9. Pyjama Yoga
  10. Evening Meditation
  11. Full Body Massage requires pre booking and an extra charge of £75

On the last day we hold a super surprise in store for you!


Enjoy one of kind game of LARP – Live Action Role Playing. It is very simple, yet very rewarding and a lot of fun.


In its essence, it’s a theatrical spectacle where every participant is both an actor and a screenwriter.


You don’t have to memorise anything, just do and say whatever you think your character would do.


Immerse yourself in a fantastic world of 1920s elite, taken straight out of the Great Gatsby movie. Go back through time and become one of the guests


at a magical place where the mystery unfolds. 


Choose who you want to be: dress up and act as that person for a day, creating your own story as you pursue your goals or just enjoy


being someone else for a while. We will prepare everything for you so all you need to do is come and have fun.


Our perpetual purpose to enhance your wellbeing and make you feel more beautiful propellers our hearts!

With joy, positive energy, love, compassionate heart, reflective alert mind and lightness of being, for you,
Kornia & Misiek