Happy International Women’s Day to all my beautiful clients!


This poem is for you, 🌺

Woman! You are the Universe, you are a star!
Who does not speak it, makes his speech only to: blah, blah, blah…
I am a woman! I am invincible, I am your rock!
Take me with you and I’ll fill up your stock!
I am a woman, a flower, a star,
my light will shine upon you, wherever you are.
A woman like me was born to be here for you,
coz no one but me can make more perfect rendezvous 💋
I am the cocaine of life,
suck it in or you are a dwarf! 

Kornia  🤣😍🌺


This one is for you too! Sing and repeat it at least three times 💪🧡🪄