My article in the Polish magazine Women in the World

A quick treatment during the lunchtime is probably not with me, except for a face or shoulder massage. Aesthetic medical treatments require the client to understand the positive sides of a treatment but is it even more important to be aware of it’s possible complications. The key to make it safe for everyone is the holistic approach. That is understanding the whole of a human. It takes into account the medical history, physical condition, life style, profession, diet, even mental and spiritual wellbeing. It is viable to ensure safety and comfort after the procedure. 

For example not everyone will have the desired results of the Platelet Rich Plasma treatment. Platelets contain the growth factors that help in the reconstruction of existing and formation of new cells in the human body. For a human cell to renew or grow it needs to be healthy and well nourished. So, the Platelet Rich Plasma derived from your blood needs to have adequate levels of Vitamin D3 and C. It is best if you have all the Vitamins from the B group taken for last month at lest, while stopping all the oily vitamins, making the red cells more slippery and causing more bleeding. The oily Vitamins are healthy but make the healing process longer after injury (the needle in this case). The PRP treatment will. not be effective for someone taking anti inflammatory drugs, heavy smokers or someone abusing the alcohol. In difficult cases like that or age above 50, you need to think about Fillers. The composition of filler is mainly Hyaluronic Acid, i.e. a building component of the skin, which in adolescence ceases to be produced by our body. This doesn’t mean that having fillers injected you don’t need to take care of yourself anymore. In order to maintain this ingredient for longer after injection you need to provide your skin with nutrients and here we come back to appropriate vitamins and minerals. Hyaluronic Acid loves water Moisturising the skin every day and at night will help to keep the filling for longer. To avoid bruising during the treatment I recommend taking Vitamin D3, stopping all alcohol and oily vitamins for at least three prior to the treatment. In case of the face remodelling a change in appearance may have an impact on the environment, so it is worth considering whether you and your loved ones are ready for it. Botox can be helpful in maintaining the mental balance. The results can last up to six months, if you do not drink alcohol on the day of the procedure, reduce the stress and will not overdo with physical activities for the next two weeks. After two months when your muscles begin to regenerate and you notice your eyebrow lifting, train you forehead muscles to relax. Whenever you catch yourself frowning or rising your eyebrows, relax them immediately. Our brain remembers the results for a longer time, so it will be easier for you to get to use to  the “poker face”. To keep no expression on your face you must remember to relax. Take two deep breaths and smile. Isn’t that a miraculous procedure?  You just need to know how to translate into the benefits for the entire body not just locally.