About leaving for love, “vampires” and effective working on habits

The interview was by IRMINA PRZYBYŁOWSKA

How did a girl from Silesia end up in London? Your medical career has already started in Poland or just here?

I didn’t want to leave Poland. I worked in Caritas as a private nurse who traveled to patients as part of home visits. There was a lot of work, and my daughter was just turning five. My partner persuaded me, so you can say that I went to England for love. Fluke!

What do you like best about your job?

Now there are three things I love: cleanliness, open conversation with the client / client, and the needle and syringe. As an artist, I love to see my clients facial expressions change for the better. Getting rid of wrinkles and emphasizing their beauty gives them courage and selfconfidence. The quality of life improves and they are happier. Hence – me too.

What is your flagship treatment? What nursing activities are worth taking in the fall?

It all started with the so-called “Vampire”. I fell in love with the idea of biological renewal by rebuilding stem cells. Later on, there were fillers and the ability to sculpt the face to the point where it looks 10 years younger. The combination of PRP (“vampire”) with HA (hyaluronic acid) is my flagship treatment. It can be performed all year round. In autumn, it is best to take care of skin discolouration. At the moment, there are very effective systems of cosmetics containing acids, pharmaceuticals and vitamins that require consultation and prescription. These kits – in combination with one treatment in the clinic – help get rid of severe sun discolouration in just six weeks.

What treatment would you recommend to men around 40?

First of all, a properly selected system of cosmetics with vitamin C and sun protection. Gentlemen like the touch on their face, but they may have doubts about the needle, so it’s better to prevent than to cure! If the wrinkles – which in men usually appear on the upper part of the face, on the forehead and near the eyes – are already deep, it is worth doing botox from time to time, especially since the facial muscles in men are much stronger. When it comes to the lower part of the face, men have the advantage of exfoliating the skin naturally by shaving regularly, which helps to keep the skin in good condition. Appropriate cosmetics combined with a light massage will definitely improve the blood supply, colour and structure of the skin.

Tell us more about Perpetual Wellness & Beauty Retreat.

Oh, it’s something special. The idea was born during consultations with clients, when the topic of conversation was hot and I did not have time to answer a lot of questions. It occurred to me that we could as well (or even better) spend this time surrounded by nature, sipping healthy cocktails, and instead of talking, get back to ourselves and finally do this yoga in the morning and evening, even if is only supposed to last 10 minutes. That we could meditate instead of complaining and then go for a long walk along the seashore, try traditional Maltese cuisine or a Mediterranean dish prepared by my brother. Perpetual Wellness & Beauty Retreat aims to develop healthy habits that you will take home to help you function better at home. By the way, I will personally take care of you and your skin.

Individual beauty treatments and massages as well as many surprises will be available. You’ll be able to feel the role you’ve always wanted to play 😏


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