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To our surprise, the return from the long-awaited holidays often passes as expected. We come back tired and not ready for a quick return life. Why is this happening? Long wine dinners don’t build our prosperity. On the contrary – they steal sleep, which is the basis of our health and well-being. The participants of the Wellness & Beauty Retreat organised by Perpetual Aesthetics know about it. We’ve worked together to build healthy habits, and we’ve chosen the island of Gozo – as a paradise with crystal clear water.

The following days will be filled with meditation and yoga practices waking us up in the morning and calming us down before sleeping, bathing in the Mediterranean Sea, walks on the Maltese cliffs, mindfulness practices and discussions about our well-being, taking place right after my stories that I had the pleasure of sharing as a welfare coach.

Arrival day
After landing, our tour guide took us to a constipation breathtaking downtown Valletta. She delighted us with architecture showing the influence of nearby Sicily. A host was waiting for us with freshly made lemonade with mint and a table full of juicy fruit and dried fruits. We toast for the successful beginning of our exciting journey inside ourselves. The villa we stayed in wholly charmed us. High walls made of natural wood and sand brick, antique dressing tables in the rooms and a swimming pool with a jacuzzi are some of the many attractions it has to offer this place. On the beds, they waited for us with “goodies” in the form of face serum with vitamin C, mats for our daily yoga practice and the backpack we intended to take with us on exciting trips.

The beginning of work on yourself
“Ong namo guru dev namo” – these are the words that we started chanting in the so-called chanting practice during morning yoga. Breakfast based on fresh regional products of Mediterranean cuisine, incl. Gbejna cheese, feta or hummus with Roman cumin delighted the taste buds. We connected like this with your inner teacher. It’s time to go on a journey! Towards ours of joy, the road led us over the silver one in the sun, the water just off the cliffs of Dwejry Bay. In his rocks, there used to be a mushroom that was believed to have healing properties. We used the medical services the properties of water with chia seeds during our lunch on the cliffs. That evening, there was also the first of the individually selected treatments – a detoxifying massage of the whole body combined with a cosmetic facial skin treatment. The evening ended with a lecture on managing stress, which was intended to equip the participants with tools to deal with stressors. To sleep, we were arranged by candlelight meditations.

Getting out of the comfort zone
Tuesday began with salutes to the sun giving us energy for the rest of the day. We did not know then how much we would need it. For three hours, we were kayaking to the picturesque place – Blue Lagoons. The pillar I discussed the day before helped us transform fear into curiosity and take it as a challenge. Before we knew it, we had rowed like professionals as we swam through narrow caves and passed huge ships. Canoeing has been hailed as the favourite attraction of our group gests, and one of them even bought a kayak after returning to the villa.

Santa Maria Bay
That day we were relaxing in the quiet Santa Beach Maria Bay is on the island of Comino between Malta and Gozo. The island’s name means the Roman cumin that used to be there was cultivated. We took the ferry to the beach right next to the turquoise water, stocked up on juicy juices, drank straight from pineapples, and moved among the fresh fragrant herbs towards our quiet beach, where yoga took place after swimming.

“Live-action role-plays” is the activity during which the participants together create and live history by playing roles as in an improvised performance. Participating in LARP helps to develop imagination and creativity. Our talented cook turned out to be human Renaissance, creating a script for LARP. It was also a couple of hours of fun up to the armpits and laughter good for our health. We travelled back in time to the 1920s to resolve the division of property between competing sisters and their troubled families. Everyone carries art – we learned about it, daringly playing their roles and inspiring each other to exceed their artistic possibilities. It’s been a long time since I had so much fun without the alcohol addition!

During the following days of our stay, we strengthened our positive habits, building our well-being. We passed through all the pillars of well-being – from sleep to stress management, exercise, a healthy diet, feeding positive, life-transforming emotions to self-fulfilment. Taking care of yourself on a physical, mental, and spiritual level gives us a chance to be the best version of ourselves. We are accompanied by lightness and bliss, and unexpected events do not change this state. Each day brought a new, exciting practice of Kundalini Yoga that has never been true without cleansing tears. “Our movements can seem delicate, but they are powerful, “explained Jane, our instructor. We connected with the energy of the interior, focusing on the third eye. Some people with Closed eyes revealed a violet spiral energy. Violet is the crown chakra colour responsible for the sense of fulfilment, self-realisation, enlightenment and pure bliss. Without a doubt, all these emotions will stay with us for a long time. I don’t know a better technique for putting to sleep than meditation. The one in company with ancient melodies, appropriate intonation, brilliance candles, and even the light of the stars made it possible to enjoy a magical atmosphere. “These practices changed my life,” she commented with tears in her eyes one of the participants.

After my return, I feel calmer, lighter and happier. Beautiful views are considered in Buddhism sacred because they help us focus on the present by distracting unnecessary thoughts. Giving yourself space to organise thoughts while practising positive habits, which allows us to operate at a higher level of energy, strongly influences our body, mind, and soul. Practice mindfulness has been discussed in detail during our healing departure.

One of the participants suffering from problems with falling asleep fell deep asleep sleep after the massage performed by our proud host. “My spiritual path is brighter. I am determined to introduce healthy changes in your everyday life. I feel charged with positive energy and motivated to, after returning home, practice all I need and I have learned, ”she commented. And so it happened! On our support group that was created on our return to support yourself in being the best version of yourself, regaled us with the news that she did just a lot healthy food shopping and practising yoga. Weight loss and revolutionary business ideas include subsequent retreat results. The next one will be held in September. With the slogan “Woman in the world” you will receive a £100 discount. Find out more on the website of Perpetual Aesthetics Ltd / Wellness & Beauty Retreat.

About the author:

As a teenager, I discovered a book about the human power
mind and how the touch of a magic wand changed
my whole life. Upon reaching the age of majority
I moved from a small Polish town
to the world metropolis to create the energy it is about
I always dreamed. I graduated from the faculty of
advertising, PR and media at London University.
I also trained with beautiful personalities,
like Bob Proctor, Lisa J. Smith and Jane Goodall,
deepening my knowledge of the human mind, nature and laws
of the universe. Thanks to this, I lead a harmonious,
happy and prosperous life. Currently, as an adult woman
and manager of advertising activities in the world’s most prominent
international television company, I am writing
to help others be the best version of themselves
and achieve success.
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