About Perpetual Aesthetics

Perpetual Aesthetics – London Aesthetic Clinic founded by Nurse Prescriber Kornelia Hauck who creates happy, self confident & more beautiful people through retaining their youth, health and beauty. 

You are exactly where you need to be.

To serve you, means to help you unleash your inner beauty and make it visible on the outside so you can share it with the rest of the world and be happy. This is my mission. Kornelia H.


Hi, I’m Kornia

I believe prevention is the key to long healthy life and beauty, however anti-agening process is a form of art. 


I was born and raised Silesian girl, with a heart determined to help people and make them happy. Today, I am excited every day proud to serve many great personalities and beautiful faces.

Nurse Independent Prescriber, owner and director of Perpetual Aesthetics LTD situated in a prestigious Harley Street area in London since 2012.

I am a leader in combining holistic approaches at the cutting edge of the aesthetic field. I am a nurse by heart and I believe in prevention. Prevention is everything! By implementing gentle lifestyle changes and carefully prescribed Vitamin Supplementation I can wake up the sleeping cells in your body to make them work small “miracles” for you.  

Thanks to Advanced Aesthetic Injectable training it is so much easier for me today to make your skin and face look more beautiful and younger. 

I believe Aesthetics is a very complex field of art. Beautifying the faces is an enormous pleasure for me. But it’s not only about what is visible on the outside. We have to make it authentic by improving our body’s and skin’s health. Only then we will look and feel our best! 

Following this vision, I’ve also created the Wellness & Beauty Retreat to make it easier for you to learn new, healthy & beauty habits.  Check the page.

I am immensely proud of J.P. who visited me 5 years ago with a very short life expectancy predicted by the doctors. All she wanted was: “…Kornia, please make me beautiful…” I almost cried listening to her story, back then. After I’ve achieved some dramatic beautiful changes in the look of her face and her skin she became a much stronger person, more confident, ready to take the challenge to fight for her life. Today she is happy and even better health. 


I value the whole person – the real individual and “dig out” the best out of their personalities before I can make it physically visible by improving their futures.  

It is not only eyes that are the mirror to our soul but the whole individual. Meeting someone new we tend to notice the face first, then the body, posture, the way they move. When finally scanned all over we move into the details: eyes, lips, nose, cheeks, the way we speak and how we speaking. From here you either see a friend or not. 

Honesty is a cup of tea that I like to share with each of my clients.

Compliance on the other side is what I would expect in return.

An established relationship and ongoing support during the rejuvenation process make the crown that I carry out proudly. 





Today’s Beauty is To Be Happy with Yourself and Only You Can Make It Real! 


Endlessly Indulging in Beauty

Ready to Make a Change?

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My passion is to accelerate the body’s natural rejuvenation process and organically enhancing your beauty.

Through 30 years of nursing experience, Kornelia has discovered that the human body has the most amazing gift: to heal itself, not only through natural cells regeneration, but through the powerful ability of the mind to control the body’s functions with minimalist effort. Her natural instincs to manage pain by touch confirms  Gate Control Theory.

“Today, thanks to many years of thorough research; medicine; and technological advancements, we can help to accelerate the natural healing process and reverse the ageing of the brain and skin!” K.H.

You don’t need to be the most beautiful person in the world, to be treated like one.

Human Psychology was my highest interest at the time, proving once again that everything begins at the very centre of our brains – our thoughts.  Healing touch was a development at work with the elderlies, which resulted in my achievement of the third level of Holistic Therapist and Homeopathic Remedies study. Although my patients were feeling better and the life expectancy was extended, they always had one more request: “… oh, if I could only be younger and more beautiful…?” At that time, I thought it’ll need a miracle to tackle that, but soon I came across the Platelet Rich Plasma treatment and its benefits, and so my love story with Natural Cell Regeneration and Aesthetics began!