Jowls develop due to decreased skin laxity caused usually by genetical factors or bad habits like smoking and sun damage.



Even today the Egyptian Queen stands as a symbol of Beauty. Her striking jawline is the most sought not only between females but also a man likes to have a strong, prominent jawline. A non-surgical procedure is done using a combination of injectable fluids, containing a purified protein.

The beauty of this procedure is that it will give you a remarkable, memorable and striking jawline. And at the same time provide you with a neck lift and is lengthening. Remember contouring is marriage of medical skill and art, where strong fundamentals, extreme understanding of the facial muscles, fat and
structure marries the strokes of the artist.

The Nefertiti Lift involves a number of anti-ageing injections below the lower jawline and down the side of the neck relaxing the muscles that pull down on the lower face worsening the appearance of jowls. This improves the definition of the jawline and gives an uplifting effect on the skin in this area.


After a botox treatment, the thread lift will build up the necessary collagen structures to keep your jawline prominent, for much longer.

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Eventually, to avoid unnecessary risks in some cases we will perform injecting Fillers in the jawline area to smoothen the appearance of so-called “hamsters”. Naturally following the “Golden ratio” rules in beauty we might have to enhance the cheeks first.

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Stop smoking
Avoid direct sun exposure
Sleep on your back
Do not support your head with your hands whilst sitting down
Use anti-ageing skincare products which include clinically proven peptides to stimulate the natural collagen production within the skin, improving firmness and reducing lines and wrinkles
Adopt a healthy lifestyle and a well-balanced diet
Contact your practitioner in regards to appropriate supplements intake