Frown Lines

Dr Sheena Voughan said: “Frown lines indicate frustration, impatience, suffering and concentration. Occasionally individuals with a deep line or two between the eyes (what I call the eleven’s) are just deep thinkers with a busy mind, and don’t necessarily have a strong negative emotional connection with the lines. I often find this in women with powerful, challenging careers such as lawyers, judges, CEO’s (and of course small business owners). On a deeper level, however, frown lines can indicate frustration and impatience with the world, or deep and prolonged suffering.” Okay, the power of emotions shows in our faces – ehem… do I want you to see it? Not always, not really, maybe a little… and only sometimes?



BTX injections for frown lines involve 5 small injection points between your eyebrows

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HYDROBOOSTER – It will not stop you from frowning but will smooth the unwanted, already formed lines.

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PROFHILO is another option that will make you keep the dynamics of your forehead and smooth the wrinkles at the same time.

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