About Perpetual Aesthetics

Perpetual Aesthetics – the holistic beauty clinic is being run by experienced Prescriber Nurse Kornelia Hauck.
Today’s Beauty is To Be Happy with Yourself and Only You Can Make It Real!

Hi, I’m Kornia and I believe in your beauty!

Born and raised Silesian girl, with a heart determined to help people and make others happy, I am proud to have created a practice that serves many great personalities and beautiful faces.

From my earliest years, I have dwelled on a subject: why can people not see in themselves, what I see in them? I have strongly believed that by gentle changes in life style and enhancing their beauty, they will be much happier with themselves.

Through many years of training in different subjects and constant development, today I help people to enjoy their life and be more confident and happy with their enhanced looks.

People around you will be happy when you are happy with yourself.

Being firmly curious about the matter of happiness I wanted to find out by working directly with people. So, I became a nurse in the nineties. I chose to be a nurse to have the privilege of being close to and connect with my patients.

I believe lifestyle that I can embrace your beauty and make you feel confident. I am here to help you take care of yourself by making gentle changes in your lifestyle, to encourage you to live more healthy, more beautiful life and make you happy.

Human Psychology was my highest interest at the time, proving once again that everything begins at the very centre of our brains – our thoughts.  Healing touch was a development at work with the elderlies, which resulted in my achievement of the third level of Holistic Therapist and Homeopathic Remedies study. Although my patients were feeling better and the life expectancy was extended, they always had one more request: “… oh, if I could only be younger and more beautiful…?” At that time, I thought it’ll need a miracle to tackle that but soon I came across the Platelet Rich Plasma  treatment and it’s benefits; and so my love story with Natural Cell Regeneration and Aesthetics began!
“I am so happy to have you reading this!

There is no better place for me to be, to serve, make you more beautiful and help you be more confident and happy with yourself.”

Endlessly Indulging in Beauty

Ready to Make a Change?

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My passion is to accelerate the body’s natural rejuvenation process and organically enhancing your beauty.

Through 30 years of nursing experience, Kornelia has discovered that the human body has the most amazing gift: to heal itself, not only through natural cells regeneration, but through the powerful ability of the mind to control the body’s functions with minimalist effort. Her natural instincs to manage pain by touch confirms  Gate Control Theory.

“Today, thanks to many years of thorough research; medicine; and technological advancements, we can help to accelerate the natural healing process and reverse the ageing of the brain and skin!” K.H.

You don’t need to be the most beautiful person in the word  to be treated like one.

Nurse Independent and Supplementary Prescriber Kornelia Hauck, leading Aesthetics Practitioner at the cutting edge of her field. She can harness your body’s and skin rejuvenating abilities by beautifying your face including tired eyes, sunken cheeks, thinning lips, wrinkled neck or decolletage and ageing hands by combining holistic treatments with innovative developments of medical beauty treatments.

Kornelia is a leading Nurse Prescriber in Aesthetics and Holistic Practice. Specialising in Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment, Dermal Fillers, Thread Lift and more, she vigorously complies to her values and ethics as a medical practitioner.