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We have four great beauty treatments packages for you. Limited time only.

London – Consultation and PRP for Skin Rejuvenation or Hair Growth with Intravenous Nourishment Supplementation prior to the treatment.


PRP TREATMENT is well known for it’s beneficial results as one of the best natural treatments for skin rejuvenation and hair growth. Without everyday stress about taking vitamins or dietary implementation you can now pop in and rejuvenate the skin, the whole body, and even stimulate hair growth while staring into the sky from the treatment couch.
January offer price £300

Instant Glow Facial London


Going out tonight but your skin looks dull? Take 30 minutes out of your lunch to give yourself the pleasure of relaxation and finger tip massage on your face.

An ultimate Obagi cleanser with Vitamin C scrub and mask, following the UV protection will set you free for the night ahead.
What’s looking more attractive than glowing, healthy skin?

January offer price £99

Blue Radiance Peel London


Winter is the perfect time to correct the imperfections on the skin caused last summer. If you still haven’t managed to sort it out I heartily invite you to use my last minute offer.
While improving the skin tone, getting rid of discolouration and sun damage through gentle peeling of the stratum corneum, your skin will benefit from new and correct pH, radiating a fresh glow and strength.
January offer price £150


1 treatment   £169  (usually £200)

2 treatments £139 each

3 treatments £109 each

Treatment requires 25 minutes numbing cream to be applied onto your skin prior to the treatment.
After that an Injectable Hyaluronic acid, peptides and Vitamins will be administered directly into your skin.
Treatment includes relaxing massage post treatment and LED light for better absorption.

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