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10 Steps How to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Glowing in Winter.

Winter is coming! Beware of the harsh weather outside and dry heated air at home affecting your skin! Redness, dryness, irritated and flaky skin 😱. “Redness occurs because our bodies are trying to heat themselves, bringing blood close to the surface of the skin and...

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Although the causes of premature ageing are not always clear,
unprotected exposure to harmful UV rays break down the collagen and
elastin fibres in healthy young skin, and cause wrinkles and loosened
folds. Frequent sunburns or hours spent tanning can result in a
permanent darkening of the skin, dark spots, and a leathery texture.

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HI! Yeh, that's me Korniah. and I am here for you to "wake up" the "sleeping" beauty inside of you so you can proudly share it with the world. Whether you think you are beautiful or ugly, have some imperfections or just missing something in your look, or maybe have...

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